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People are bored with the abundance of familiar jewelry and the materials from which they are made. For us, it is important to get rid of the boring routine and familiar things that are no longer pleasing to the eye. People want a surge of feelings from touching and feeling new materials and things, their involvement in new design ...
This is true both in relation to things surrounding people and in relation to clothing and jewelry.
In an attempt of trying to satisfy our desires, jewelers complement their skills with advances in technology. This helps jewelers satisfy the most sophisticated connoisseurs of this craft.
Jewelers no longer sit in small workshops with old magnifying glasses. They move through new territories in a mobile laboratory and use a mathematically precise typeface to create new materials, extract new properties from old ones, analyze, process, and find applications.
Thus, jewelers have achieved a new status - explorer.

Being a jeweler-explorer becomes very prestigious and a special uniform is created for this profession to emphasize their special status and create comfort in the completion of their mission - to create something new and beautiful while exploring our planet. The new uniform is suitable for almost any climatic event. Makes it possible to get rid of the top layer completely, or transform it into a vest, or into a vest in combination with detachable sleeves, in case the weather changes.
However, this uniform is not only practical, it also portrays the jewelery-making profession. Despite its practicality, it is decorated with products from recently found or created materials. The more materials found and invented by the jeweler, the more decorated his form.


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